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​You are what you eat . . .

Natural High Nutrition Foods
from Pristine Clean Environments

Provenance of your food source matters

From Melbourne, AusPristine Australian homebase, we combine the best 100 years of nutrition, food science, research and technology knowledge with food business management experience and extensive global travels to launch AusPristine as the Best Hi Nutrition Food online resource on natural highly nutritious foods grown and passionately produced by generations of ethical family businesse in unique pristine clean environments in Australia and worldwide.

Each week we will feature a FREE infographic in our blog post:
- why a food has high nutrition
- tips for incorporating low calorie high nutrient dense foods into your diet
- profile a producer with great produce
- the top 10 prized produce from a pristine clean region
- how to find the best natural high nutrition foods
- the best antioxidant foods
Such as super large Goji berries from Himalaya mountains
Aronia berries from the Balkan mountains, claiming to have the highest antioxidant capacity.
Think purple like blueberries, think red like red fleshed papayas (papaw/pawpaw), think red wine, think anthocyanins.
​These antioxidants are really good for you.
​- the best top 10 Hi Fibre Foods to achieve an intake of 30g per day
Be prescription statin drug free in managing your high cholesterol.
Learn how to be statin drug free through dietary choices.
It is possible.


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