MOUNT VICTORIA Numeal is a Complete Balanced Formulated Dairy Milk Meal for adults.
Made in Australia, this item is 1 x 900g can with tamper evident foil layer and out re-sealer. A 26ml scoop is provided in the can.
Each 900g can provides 15 serves, at AUD$ 3.67 per serve, less than a cup of coffee.
Numeal is easy to reconstitute with warm or cold water.

Suitable for Lacto-ovo vegetarians.
Allergen Declaration: Contains Milk, Soy.

Produced in a factory where egg, gluten and fish products are also handled.

MOUNT VICTORIA Numeal 900g tin

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  • Numeal is Made in Australia.

    It is a Complete Balanced Formulated Dairy Milk Meal for Adults.

    • Scientifically formulated in Australia to suit Asians
    • 26 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
    • Low Lactose suitable for Asian digestibility
    • Low GI < 55 gives feeling full longer
    • High level of prebiotic fibre, Inulin
    • Hi Nutrition: contains high Protein, low Carbohydrate and very low Fat.
    • It has very low Saturated Fat with the amount present that which is naturally occuring in dairy milk fat. 
    • Only 209 calories or 876 kJ per serve with at least 10 vitamins at 50% of the Australian Recommended Daily Intake. For more nutritional info, please refer to the full nutritional panel on the back of the packaging.

    Application & Directions for Use

    Add 60g, that is 3 level scoops to 200ml of purified cold or lukewarm water. Shake or stir until completely dissolved. The reconstituted product should be consumed immediately and not stored for later use.It is not for enteral or parenteral (intravenous) use.

    Storage & Shelf Life

    It is recommended to store product in cool and dry conditions, ideally less than 25oC and below 60% relative humidity.

    Under recommended storage conditions a shelf life of 2 years can be expected.

    Once opened, use the contents within 4 weeks.  Reseal the can with the plastic cover provided when not in use and store in a cool dry place.  Do not refrigerate.