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Mirabella Wines

Mirabella Wines are produced from grapes grown in sunny smiling Mirabella Vineyards located in Waikerie, an hour north of Australia's most famous red wine region of Barossa Valley. It is located in a sunny pristine paradise town near the mighty River Murray in South Australia.

The Travaglione Family - originally from Italy - for 5 generations has own and run the Mirabella wine business, doing everything from growing the best quality grapes to making the very best and highly appealing wines, affordable to all.

Mirabella wines are Simple, Down to Earth, Affordable and Real! 

The range of Mirabella wines presented here is a perfect introduction to good quality Australian wines for beginners. For wine connoisseurs, Mirabella is a bargain!

Mirabella 2015 Vintage Tasting Notes


Vibrant deep ruby red with bright varietal blackberry and eucalypt characters and fine cedary notes. Classic full bodied structured cabernet with ripe berries and mouth coating tannins. Drink with braised lamb shanks.



具有活力四射的深宝石红色、带有黑莓和桉树特征和雪松细腻气息的鲜亮品种。用成熟和口感悠长的浆果制作经典的全结构赤霞珠。特别适合吃烧羊肉时饮用。 酒精体积含量: 14.8%, 大约8.0的标准含量



This wine is a deep red garnet colour with purple hues.  The nose exhibits red cherries, white pepper and cedary oak. The palate has generous upfront shiraz fruit balanced by fine tannins, harmoniously integrated with a subtle oak and acid finish.  The fruit used to make this wine comes from an 80 year old vineyard, drink with garlic roast lamb and fresh mint sauce.




酒精体积含量: 14.8%, 大约8.0的标准含量



Deep cherry red in colour. The nose is alive with red currants, lightly spiced plum and dried herbs. Medium bodied with punchy raspberry and plum fruit and soft dark chocolate tannins on a long finish. Perfect with steak with tarragon



深樱桃红的颜色。闻起来充满红醋栗、李子和香草的轻香。 中段带有强劲的覆盆子和李子果香,以及口感沉长的浅黑巧克力味。是龙蒿牛扒最佳搭配。

酒精体积含量: 14.8% , 大约8.0的标准含量



The 2015 Chardonnay displays a brilliant green gold sheen. The bouquet boasts a tropical fruit salad of peach, ripe banana and fleshy white stone fruit. This delightful bouquet supports a lively crisp palate, with a zesty citrus finish. Perfect for relaxing with friends, whilst enjoying a fruit and cheese platter. Can it get much better ?





酒精体积含量: 14.8% , 大约8.0的标准含量



A vibrant white gold sheen with a light scented lemon blossom and delicate perfumed jasmine nose.  The palate exhibits crisp apple, lemon and lime, with a creamy musk middle palate. Beautifully balanced with zesty acid and a fresh clean pineapple, citrus finish. The fruit for this wine comes from an 80 year old vineyard, drink with creamy seafood delights, white meats or tapas.



带有充满活力的白色黄金光泽、和柠檬花和香味茉莉的芳香。具有一种乳状麝香味中间口感、仿若清脆的苹果、柠檬和酸橙的口感。完美地平衡灿烂酸、清新菠萝和光洁柑橘的味觉。制作此酒的葡萄源自一个具有80年历史的葡萄园,可以与海鲜美食、白肉或小吃搭配。 酒精体积含量: 12.7%, 大约7.6的标准含量


2015 Pink Moscato

This light pink Moscato shows fruity, floral flavours that give freshness and vibrancy to the soft bubbles that linger on palate. The fruit used to make this wine comes from an 80 year old vineyard, situated in the picturesque town of Waikerie.

2015 桃红甜起泡酒

此淡桃红色起泡酒展示果味浓郁、花香怡人,透过若软的气泡给人一种清晰和变换口感。制作此酒的葡萄源自一个具有80年历史的、坐落于风景如画的小镇怀克里的葡萄园。酒精体积含量: 7.0%, 大约4.1的标准含量

Mirabella Wines