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Mirabella Wines are produced from grapes grown in Mirabella Vineyards in the sun smiling sunny picturesque pristine town of Waikerie on the big River Murray in South Australia. It is an hour’s north of the world famous red wine region of Barossa Valley.

Mirabella葡萄酒由米拉贝拉葡萄园所产的葡萄酿制。 米拉贝拉葡萄园位于南澳大墨累河畔阳光明媚风景如画的原始小镇怀克里,向北1小时车程就是世界著名的芭萝莎谷红酒区。

For over five generations the Travaglione Family – originating from Italy - owns and run the Mirabella wine business, doing everything from growing the best quality fruit to making highly appealing wines that are the very best and affordable to all.


Mirabella wines are Down to Earth, Simple, Affordable and Real!


A perfect affordable introduction to quality wines for beginners. For wine connoisseurs, Mirabella is a bargain!


Mirabella Wines