AusPristine is an Australian family business start-up in 2016. Our owners bring a combined 100+ years of food science, technology and nutrition expertise from their professional careers in Research & Development, senior Marketing, Executive Management and Board roles at large food and packaging multinationals, peak horticulture industry organisations, nutrition and scientific research and development organisations We are so super excited to launch AusPristine high nutrition foods and personal care (subscription box) business. (Boss-free! Well there’s still She-who-must-be-Obeyed!)

​Our AusPristine mission is to help educate and empower discerning consumers on how to choose natural high nutrition foods to attain or regain and improve their health and wellbeing. We want to share our knowledge and offer products to help inspire understanding and realisation that healthier nutritional food options are possible. Our hope is that through this, our family, supporters, friends and customers could access natural high nutrition foods of guaranteed high quality as a way to address and manage medical ailments brought on by poor dietary choices, habits and stressful lifestyles. Some of these factors are within our control, and we could take action to ideally be medication free for dietary driven conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. We have successfully managed our high cholesterol through dietary modifications and omega-3 supplements and lifestyle changes. It’s possible and we want to share this knowledge.   

Our customers are discerning educated professional singles, couples and families living in urban cities around the world. They value the best guaranteed natural healthiest clean nutritionous foods they can buy for their family. They also want peace of mind the products are really good and safe for their families.

Our high nutrition foods and personal care items are produced by passionate and proud families from multi-cultural multi-generation businesses. You may even have come across them unknowingly in your world travel through foreign cultures whose language and traditional healthy ways and foods you didnt understand or know. Our producers have typically been in business for a long time from one generation to the next. They are ethical family businesses who care passionately about quality, purity, cleanliness of their foods and products. Their accreditated factories are in unique pristine pure clean environments.

High Nutrition Foods 

Prestigious Personal Care

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Aus Pristine Australia

P.O. Box 3155   Murrumbeena  Vic 3163   Australia

T: +61 394 293 103  Mon-Fri 9-5pm (AEST)

Aus Pristine

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